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These are audio related posts. Archive for 2013.

Some of my favorite podcasts

Anyone who's been reading my stuff on Ars Technica will know that I love podcasts. I'm always adding new ones to my rotation and retiring ones that have run their course for one reason or another. So I thought I'd share some of my current favorites with you.

Read the article - posted 2013-09-13

My advice to podcast app developers

As an avid podcast listener, I felt a strong urge to dispense some advice after listening to Marco Arment talk about his ideas for his upcoming Overcast podcast player application for iOS. First a rant about iTunes 11.1.

Read the article - posted 2013-09-30

Late 2013 MacBook Pro review: audio

No more bottlenecks: the late 2013 MacBook Pro reviewed

Over the next few days, I'll publish my review of the new 13" MacBook Pro here in several installments. This is the fourth one, looking at the MacBook Pro's audio capabilities. Also see the earlier instalments about battery life, CPU performance and ports and networking

Read the article - posted 2013-11-08

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